Bate JB : Shadows (Vidéo officielle)

Greeted with comparisons to young Libianca, Wizkid & Yame. Bate JB arrived in 2017 as a squeaky-clean Rap – AFRO FUSION artist with “SHADOWS” the first debut single by this male artist to top the CAMEROON Hot 20 in over a YEAR.

Within a few years, BATE became one of the Best active Afro stars with FREE HUGS, EP that produced 8 more Top Ten singles, including “BODY” and “JOKIJO, he added to the count with hits such as “CONTROL” a ballad with FAVO & MYSTER . His streak of Top Songs was sustained with releases such as “DO’’ (2022) and TUNNEL VISION in (2024). Bate JB’s artistic scope has since continued to widen with FREE HUGS EP RELEASE (2024)

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