Dahvid Slur – Stay Alive

Dahvid Slur, Born David Dockery, the new wave roots artist was born in Trench Town, and raised in the community of Jones Town, Jamaica. Both Dahvid’s parents were major influences on his passion for music, as was his brother and neighbors. Here, he was immersed in the music and legacy of the heretical homeland of reggae. 

There is something exciting and new about his sound which resonates instantly with anyone who hears his music. His tracks have a powerful, mesmerizing quality combining the future of reggae with its past. He puts a unique twist onto roots reggae and dancehall to create his own style. 

Dahvid Slur official video for the song “Stay Alive” Produced by Addis Records, copyright SUISA 2023

Backing vocals :

Nicole Burt & Earl Smith Junior

Musicians :

Alex Schneiter – Trumpet

Raphael Baldy – Guitar

Jil ADDIS – Drums, Bass, piano, organ, keys, arrangments and production

Mixed by Umberto Echo

Mastered by Jeremy Henry @ La villa

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